Take-away art

Updated: 2013-09-01 08:13

By Rebecca Lo (China Daily)

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Take-away art

Fine artworks are displayed on Macao Creations' third floor.


Macao Creations sells souvenirs while showcasing the city's best visual artists. Rebecca Lo tries some homegrown heroes' work on for size.

Wilson Chi-lan Lam isn't ashamed to admit he loves making money.

The Macao native is CEO and creative director of Macao Creations but was initially a graphic designer in Toronto during advertising's 1980s heyday.

At a time when high-quality editorial photography was the realm of a few rare experts who used 35-mm cameras and film, his deft hand at illustration reaped lucrative results.

He lived in Canada for 25 years before returning to Macao about five years ago.

"When I was working in advertising there, photographers were very expensive," Lam says.

"Instead, I would be hired to draw concepts by hand. But today, it's all done on the computer. People are a lot more careful with how they spend their money. And there are more choices."

The designer of easily recognizable logos, including Air Macao's, returned to Macao to explore a semi-retired lifestyle. But he's busier than ever with Macao Creations, which he set up in 2009.

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