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Chinese, Sudanese FMs vow to bolster ties

Updated: 2011-08-09 10:06


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KHARTOUM - Visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi held talks with his Sudanese counterpart Ali Ahmed Karti on Tuesday in Khartoum to discuss bilateral relations.

"The regional situations currently continue to undergo profound changes but China will not change its policy of developing friendly and cooperative relations with Sudan," Yang said.

"China supports Sudan's efforts in protecting its national sovereignty, enhancing the national reconciliation and promoting economic and social development. China appreciates Sudan's adherence to the one China policy and support on issues of China's core interests and major concerns," he added.

China and Sudan can jointly develop and consolidate bilateral relations by maintaining friendly exchanges at all levels, taking full advantage of political consultation mechanism between the two countries' foreign ministries, expanding pragmatic cooperation, achieving mutual beneficial and win-win cooperation, deepening bilateral cooperation in the fields of petroleum, agriculture and mineral resources exploration, and strengthening coordination and consultation on international and regional issues, Yang said.

Ali Ahmed Karti, for his part, expressed Sudan's appreciation of China's stance towards the Sudan issue as well as aid and support to Sudan.

"Despite domestic changes, Sudan will continue its endeavors to develop relations with China, enhance cooperation in the fields of petroleum, agriculture, and mining, provide more convenient and safe atmosphere for Chinese investments, and retain coordination with China on international and regional issues," Karti said. He also reiterated Sudan's adherence to its one China policy.

Meanwhile, regarding the South Sudan issue, the Chinese foreign minister said "China always and firmly supports the peace process between north and south Sudan. China is willing to work with the international community to play an active and constructive role in promoting proper ways to solve differences between the two sides."

As for the Darfur issue, Yang said that "China has been working hard to promote efforts in properly solving the Darfur issue. China will maintain contact and coordination with Sudan to play an active role in promoting proper settlement of the Darfur issue and realizing peace and stability in the region."

Yang arrived in Khartoum on Sunday on an official visit to Sudan at the invitation of Karti.


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