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Pressure to upgrade mounts on the Pearl River Delta, as returns from low-end products are drying up.

Cover Story

Powering up

Pressure to upgrade mounts on the Pearl River Delta, as returns from low-end manufacturing start drying up.

Banking on biotech

Top draw

Ready for the big leap

Benefits of standards


China faces new challenges from battle of the bulge

The waistbands of children in China are swelling because of excess veggies, fruits, meat and other normally healthy foods.

Debt woes still plaguing US economy

In brief


G20 must face the music

Developed economies that issue international reserve currencies should shoulder their fiscal responsibilities

Matching words with deeds

Inflation can be tamed with right policy mix

Finding the economic sweet spot

An eye on the big picture

But what now for Brand Yao?


Beer we go

Early numbers not so robust for Beijing's first international beer festival

New boost for charity

Professional, transparent - and lucky

My Chinese Valentine



Wonder wall

There are so many varying scenes along China's Great Wall.


Man of all seasons

Posting helps Croatian ambassador see the bigger world picture.

Allure of mystery


Lifting the veil

Beijing's Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City, is steeped in history, dreams and tears, which are perfectly reflected in design.

Last Word

Doing your bidding

Veteran at famed auction house has witnessed rocketing growth, much of it fueled by Chinese Buyers.