270 tons of fermented cabbage made in Seoul

2011-11-08 16:18:49

Women make a traditional Korean side dish "kimchi" or fermented cabbage, at a charity event at the Seoul City Hall Plaza November 8, 2011.

Children with fat fathers at risk of obesity: study

2011-11-10 11:05:18

Children with fat fathers are more likely to be obese by age of eight or nine than those with healthy weight fathers, a new study by researchers at Australia's University of Newcastle found.

EU leaders call for 'renewed collective G20 spirit'

2011-10-31 06:20:26

European Union (EU) leaders called for a "renewed collective G20 spirit" while highlighting the bloc's objectives late saturday for the upcoming summit of world's major economies.

Babies born via fertility treatment 'may be smaller'

2011-11-01 10:56:48

Babies conceived using fertility treatment may be somewhat smaller at birth than newborns conceived naturally, but whether that is due to the treatment or the underlying infertility is not fully clear, a US study said.

US firms to charge smokers, obese more

2011-10-31 06:31:44

Like a lot of companies, Veridian Credit Union wants its employees to be healthier. In January, the Waterloo, Iowa-company rolled out a wellness program and voluntary screenings.

World's largest gold coin unveiled in Australia

2011-10-28 08:59:23

The biggest, heaviest and inherently most valuable gold coin in the world was unveiled by the Perth Mint.

Living near fast food joints may not up weight

2011-10-26 11:53:40

Having a fast food restaurant in the neighborhood may have little to no impact on the weight of adults who live nearby, according to a US study of more than 3,000 people.

World's biggest family

2011-10-20 17:14:13

Ziona is the head of a religious sect called "Chana," which allows polygamy and was founded by his father Chana in 1942. Ziona has 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren.

'Man-flu' is real to a fifth of British women

2011-10-20 08:43:14

One in five British women believe that the debilitating "man-flu" disease which temporarily leaves sufferers prostrate on the sofa watching televised sports is real, according to a new study.

Male breast cancer rare but can be aggressive

2011-10-19 13:49:09

Men are diagnosed with breast cancer at less than one percent the rate of women, but when they are the disease is often more advanced on average, and they are more likely to die from it, according to an international study.

Stem cell scientist clones endangered coyotes

2011-10-18 10:27:09

South Korea's stem cell scientist Hwang Woo-suk has succeeded in cloning endangered coyotes in a project sponsored by a provincial government.

Boston leads world in innovation

2011-10-18 10:07:40

Boston, one of the oldest cities in the United Sates, came first in a field of 331 cities in the Innovation Cities Global Index 2011 released on Tuesday by Australia's analyst firm 2thinknow.