Australian federal election last chance for Great Barrier Reef: experts

Updated: 2016-05-19 11:40


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Australian federal election last chance for Great Barrier Reef: experts

Dried coral and shells lie on a beach on Lady Elliot Island, north-east of the town of Bundaberg in Queensland, Australia, June 10, 2015. [Photo/Agencies]

SYDNEY -- Researchers have warned Australia's Great Barrier Reef will be in terminal condition without intervention from the Federal government.

Scientists from Queensland state's James Cook University believe the Great Barrier Reef's last chance for survival is during Australia's Federal election campaign and requires a 10 billion Australian dollar commitment.

Scientists said on Thursday the money is required to improve water quality in the region.

They said many parts of the Great Barrier Reef were in bad shape citing the main causes as pollutant runoff from agricultural and urban land, climate change impacts, and the effects of fishing.

"If we want to provide resilience against the current climate impacts, water management needs to be greatly improved, both in terms of money made available and a cohesive strategy, by 2025," James Cook University's Jon Brodie said.

Brodie explained the current federal election campaign was probably' the last chance for politicians to put forward their plans of action on water quality and climate change.

"It takes time for change to happen and we need to start fast. If something is not done in this election cycle then we may not see good coral again within our children's lifetime."

The scientists said catchment and coastal management programs needed to be funded in the order of 1 billion Australian dollars per year over the next ten years.