Taking the Silk Road of cooperation

Updated: 2016-04-28 11:00


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Taking the Silk Road of cooperation

Zha Liyou (center), Chinese deputy consul general in San Francisco, and Luis Herrera (third from left), city librarian at the San Francisco Public Library, attend the opening reception for the photographic exhibit Silk Road: A New Look at the Chinese Center in the library, April 27, 2016. The exhibition, which will run through July 21, presents 10 photos taken by Chinese photographers, which shows how the Silk Road, the land and sea trade routes linking the major civilizations of Asia, Africa and Europe for thousands of years, is evolving to adapt to 21st century economic globalization. Zha said that the exhibition opened a window for future cooperation between the San Francisco libraries and the Chinese consulate in San Francisco. "To tell a good story of China requires cooperation between both sides. The Chinese consulate in San Francisco is dedicated to supplying resources from China for a better understanding of Chinese culture," he said. "By working together and thorough more cultural exchanges, we can build a deeper relationship between Chinese people and the local people in San Francisco." ZHIZHI CEN / CHINA DAILY

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