Forced Chinese laborers in WWII unsatisfied but accept Mitsubishi's apology

Updated: 2015-08-03 21:16


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BEIJING - Three groups of Chinese victims of forced labor during World War II have accepted reconciliation offered by Japan's Mitsubishi Materials on Monday, though they are not content with the planned compensation.

"We're unsatisfied with the apology and compensation provided by Mitsubishi Materials, but decided to accept the reconciliation after consulating most of the survivors, who are already at an advanced age and want the issue to be resolved urgently," the groups said in a joint statement.

The announcement was made by 37 family dependents of the deceased forced laborers at a ceremony held in Beijing.

"Only if Mitsubishi Materials faces the music, it can live up to its reputation as a leading company in the world," it said.

According to an earlier statement made by Mitsubishi Materials but released by a Chinese group on July 24, the Japanese company will apologize to forced laborers from China during World War II and compensate them.

The planned apology came after the firm made a landmark apology to US prisoners of war.

The statement, which was released by the non-government group aimed at demanding compensation from Japan, said Mitsubishi Materials will compensate 100,000 yuan ($16,100) for each forced Chinese worker or their relatives.

About 39,000 Chinese laborers were forced to Japan due to a decision by the Japanese government. Mitsubishi Mining Co., the firm's predecessor, had 3,765 Chinese workers working in harsh conditions, leading 722 to perish.