Warren Buffett, Johnny Depp buy Greek islands

Updated: 2015-07-20 08:57


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Warren Buffett, Johnny Depp buy Greek islands

The photo from private island selling website privateislandsonline.com shows a Greek island for sale.

ATHENS - US tycoon Warren Buffett and Hollywood actor Johnny Depp are the latest adds to a long line of wealthy businessmen and stars who have purchased Greek islands, according to the London-based real estate firm Proto Organization Ltd.

Buffet along with Italian millionaire Alessandro Proto, a shareholder of the New York Times newspaper, bought the island of St. Thomas, which covers an area of 1.2 sq km, in the Gulf of Egina near Piraeus port, the firm announced this weekend. The acquisition was concluded last week for a total price of 15 million euros ($16.25 million).

At the same time Johnny Depp became the owner of a small islet in Greece's Aegean Sea named Strongylo for the price of 4.2 million euros.

"At this time, Greece is a prey very coveted by several investors. After the new loan made by the EU it is clear that this is the best time to invest in Greece," Steven Taylor, a spokesperson of Proto Organization Ltd told Xinhua.

Buffett and Proto are going to do a real estate development on the island, according to Taylor.

As a unique pole of attraction for millions of international visitors, Greece is considered among the top destinations to invest. There are more than 40 private islands available for sale.

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