Malaysian ships ready for continuous search operations for MH370 in winter

Updated: 2015-07-16 13:38


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KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tionglai said Thursday in a statement that the ships have undergone winterization to reflect operational needs in the winter for the search of MH370.

"To enable continuous search operations during winter, as well as to ensure that the required area is searched as quickly and as effectively as possible, both Furgo Equator and Fugro Discovery have undergone winterization to reflect operational needs," he said.

Liow said that the search operations in the coming weeks will be focused in the south of the search area to take full advantage of the last of the better weather in this area prior to the winter.

He said that the search and recovery teams faced great challenges in their work under the severe conditions.

Liow said that Malaysia has committed over 60 million Australian dollars (about $47.03) for the search and recovery efforts, and more than 52,000 square kilometers of the search area have been completed so far, adding that Malaysia remains committed to continuing the search for the additional 60, 000 square kilometers.