Hundreds of people gather in Tokyo to protest against security bills

Updated: 2015-05-14 14:24


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Hundreds of people gather in Tokyo to protest against security bills

Demonstrators gather in front of the prime minister's office in Tokyo on May 14, 2015 to protest the Cabinet's planned approval of security legislation later in the day. [Photo/IC]

TOKYO -- More than 500 citizens gathered in front of Japanese Prime Minister's Office on Thursday to protest against security bills which the cabinet of Shinzo Abe is set to approve later in the day.

The bills, including a new permanent bill and other comprising revisions to 10 existing laws, would give Japan's self-defense forces greater power, for example, remove geographical restrictions on where the SDF can operate, and under certain conditions allow it to defend its security ally for the first time since WWII.

People hold placards in front of the prime minister's office, condemning that the move would undermine the country's Pacifist Constitution and drag Japan into war.

"This will be security legislation that enables the Self- Defense Forces to engage in warfare overseas,"said Shingo Fukuyama, 68.

"If a war starts, it will be our generation that will be dispatched,"said a 23-year-old graduate school student in Tokyo participating in the protest."I cannot tolerate this."

"Abe's government is downplaying the constitution, and it makes me worry that Japan could end up in shambles,"said a 66-year-old female participant who declined to be named.

The cabinet will present those bills to the Diet. As Abe's Liberal Democratic Party and its ruling coalition partner Komeito hold majority of the seats, the bills are likely to pass the Diet in the summer, reports said.

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