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THE WEEK Oct 18: Ruuuuunnnn!

Updated: 2013-10-18 15:27
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Mosquito fossil 46 million years old

Hidden away in a man's basement was the fossil of mosquito that researchers are saying is 46 million years old. After donating it to a museum, scientists said the modern-day pest is especially rare because its stomach was still full of blood from its last meal. That kicked off a frenzy on the Internet where users were predicting a Jurassic Park-like rebirth of dinosaurs. But scientists were quick to dismantle the ideas, which left us all a little bummed.

Marathon runner inspires the world

While it may have appeared as if people were running from dinosaurs through the streets of Chicago, it was actually the annual running of the Chicago Marathon. While one racer broke a record with a 2 hour, 3 minute run, the most inspirational story was that of Maickel Melamed, the final person to finish the race. Melamed is living with muscular dystrophy, an extremely debilitating disease. But Melamed finished his third marathon, and can serve as an inspiration for runners in the Beijing Marathon taking place this Sunday, Oct 20.

College crush gone wrong

A college student in China made a grandiose romantic gesture to try and steal the heart of a young female classmate. Unfortunately, his candle-decorated writing of "I love you" was extinguished when the girl and her roommates dowsed it with water, rejecting the boy in front of his fellow students. In this situation, we say: Chin up, young man! You're not the first to be heartbroken in public. Maybe watching these break-ups will make you feel just a little bit better.

This wacky world!

A Swedish millionaire admitted to popping the tires on an ice cream truck, because he was annoyed by the sound it made when driving past his home.

It sounds like that guy could use a little love from a new company in Wisconsin that offers clients the chance to cuddle with one of its "professional snugglers." No funny business, just cuddling.

The owner of a restaurant in Quebec has received death threats because of the seal meat burger on the restaurant's menu. I'm guessing the burger is topped with a layer of seal tears.

Japan has released a new wine for cats. Forget drinking Hello Kitty beer alone at nigiht in your apartment. Now you can get drunk and confess secrets to your cat without worrying about it judging you.

Buzz word:

Marathon (noun): A race that measures 26.2 miles or 42.2 kilometers in distances; used to describe something that will take you a very long time.

Examples: 1. I have been training for the Beijing Marathon for the last six months. It will be the first one I've ever done. 2. Life is a marathon; there's no need to sprint through it. Take your time.