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THE WEEK Sept 28: Madonna endorses(?) Obama

Updated: 2012-09-28 16:30
By chinadaily.com.cn

Madonna endorses(?) Obama

If you've followed this show at all, you know we've been talking about the stupidity of major pop icons endorsing presidential candidates. There was Clint Eastwood talking to a chair. Then a country musician Hank Williams spewed racist comments about Obama. And this week's moron is Madonna, who took it upon herself to encourage people to vote for Obama at a recent concert in Washington DC. Madonna's really been on a roll this year making a fool out of herself on stage.

Idol star rocks the cradle

Another absurd moment on stage this week took place at a Carrie Underwood concert in the US. The country music singer and former American Idol star decided to make a 12-year-old boy's dream come true. She gave him his first kiss. Am I the only one who sees something slightly wrong with this?

Park caters to drunks

A theme park in the United Kingdom noticed riders on one of their roller coasters were vomiting far too often. The park is next to a college campus, which led employee's to conclude that students were coming to the park drunk, causing them to puke more frequently. So the park decided to begin taking breathalyzer tests on seemingly drunk patrons. If the rider is found to be drunk, you would imagine they'd be kicked out of the park. But on the contrary, drunk riders will be sent directly to the amusement park's fastest, craziest roller coaster, as employee's think it will help settle the drunks' stomach. I think the park should expect a few more vomiting patrons in the near future.

Butt chugging the latest craze

A huge scandal broke out after an American college student was sent to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. How did he get it? Butt chugging. It's the latest drinking craze. You may remember they eye chugging craze that took young people by storm. But butt chugging takes the stupidity further. It's exactly what you think it is. Can't we just stick to drinking out of our mouths?

This wacky world!

A man in the US stole a person's car and took police on a chase through the city on his way to the hospital, so his girlfriend could deliver their baby. In my opinion, that's a good reason to steal a car.

A Hong Kong billionaire is offering the deal of a lifetime. He is offering to pay a man $65 million to marry his daughter. The catch is that his daughter is a lesbian in a committed relationship.

A distillery in Scotland is teaming up with a company from the University of Edinburgh to create a new fuel using leftover whiskey.

Residents in a Zimbabwe city took part in an interesting tradition: a synchronized toilet flush. All of the city's residents were instructed to flush their toilets at the same time to help prevent sewer back-up.

This week's best viral video teaches us that fat dogs can't jump, but they can sure have a lot of fun trying.

THE WEEK Sept 28: Madonna endorses(?) Obama

THE WEEK Sept 28: Madonna endorses(?) Obama
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THE WEEK Sept 28: Madonna endorses(?) Obama
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