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What do Chinese and Americans think of each other?

Updated: 2011-01-17 07:59

By Feng Xin (

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Part 1: The myths and misconceptions


What do Chinese and Americans think of each other?


Part 2: China and US - "A couple with bad relations"


What do Chinese and Americans think of each other?


In just a few days, Chinese President Hu Jintao is going to visit the United States. The state visit comes after what many call a "rocky 2010" of China-US relations characterized by constant ups and downs. The visit is also said to be the two countries' first biggest foreign relations event kicking off the year of 2011.

But what do people of both countries think of each other? How do public opinions play a role in the relations between China and US? And what are some of the factors that shape public opinions?

China Daily reporter Feng Xin invited two guests, Jin Canrong, the associate dean of Renmin University School of International Studies, and Dr. Zhang Chuanjie, the deputy director of Tsinghua Center for US-China Relation, to join her, for Big Talk.


Video: Feng Xin

Technical director: Christie Lee

Videographer: Lou Yi

Photographer: Wu Chuanjing

Producer: Flora Yue




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