Celebrate 35 years, report China and unite world

Updated: 2016-05-12 09:58

By Ren Hong(chinadaily.com.cn)

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Celebrate 35 years, report China and unite world

Ren Hong was working with 21st Century when China Daily celebrated its 25th on June 1, 2006. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Time never waits for anybody. From 1981 China Daily has been reporting China to the world, and introducing world to China. As the important national newspaper, it provides insightful commentary and analyses on issues affecting China and the world.. It spreads positive aspects and confronts negative, reports social problems with objective and rational attitude. It offers reliable and authoritative Chinese voice to the world.

China developed quickly after 1979. There were thousands of problems during this process. China Daily is the mainstream media. It advocates meaningful policies and laws promptly and accurately. Also, it responds to comments without discriminations and unfair attacks in order to tell an authentic and energetic China. It takes responsibilities and establishes the powerful reporting principles.

China Daily set the global editorial staff and communication network. It upgrades management and related knowledge constantly, takes creation as the main driving force. The aim is to establish the international modern Omnimedia group. In fact, China Daily is the most influential Chinese English newspaper for foreign government and transnational corporations. In recent years, it has built effective channels to interact with readers and add more brilliant reports with international perspective.

China Daily has print media and digital editions. It always focuses on the global issues and organizes global and regional forums to discuss worldwide politics, economy, culture and education problems and creates more opportunities for government and international organizations to tackle these issues.

Eight years ago, I worked in 21st Century (English education media of China Daily) as an art editor for more than four years. I've learnt a lot about professional knowledge and dedicated attitude. This year, China Daily will celebrate the 35th birthday. It is a vital point for China Daily Group to seek more global resources and capture more crucial opportunities to spread Chinese voice and accelerate the development of China and world.

Let's raise a toast for the 35th birthday and a brilliant tomorrow.