Positive energy? It's not just linguistic words

Updated: 2016-05-04 08:47

By He Qinrong(chinadaily.com.cn)

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Positive energy? It's not just linguistic words

Azimi is playing with children around him.[Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

His name is Azimi .He is a foreign student who comes from Afghanistan, majoring in politics in Hunan University. We have known each other for three years. In my eyes, he is a diligent and optimistic young student who always lives his life happily.

The first time I met him was on a rainy day. From that day on, I had a deep understanding for positive energy.

The weather in Changsha is changeable, that’s why local people always say, “you will experience four seasons in a day”. Almost everyone in Changsha get wet when they don’t bringing an umbrella.

That day, when my friend and I got off the bus, it was raining heavily. Many people rushed into the downpour. Though we felt sorry for those guys, we couldn’t do anything to help them because we only took one small umbrella with us. Wind was howling, rain was hitting our umbrella with force, it was so cold that I couldn't help but shiver.

As we were complaining about the weather, my friend touched my shoulder with her finger, “what's up”, I asked her. Meanwhile, I saw a senior walk slowly ahead of us without an umbrella .We gazed at each other but had no idea what to do next. If we gave him our umbrella, we would very likely to get a cold the next day because both of us were lightly dressed, but if we just let him be, we would regret it later. Caught in a dilemma, a foreigner guy behind us quickly walked to the senior. The foreigner took off his coat and gave it to the senior who was surprised by his behavior. Apparently, the young foreign student's Chinese was poor. He was using body language to persuade the senior to use his coat. That scene shocked us. I thought these dramatic plots only happened in movies. We couldn't believe our eyes. But it did happen in the real life. In fact, it happened just a hundred meters ahead of us. The leading actor was a foreign student. You can't even image how ashamed we were at that moment.

A foreigner was sharing his noble kindness to a Chinese stranger. How could we two Chinese youngsters be so selfish and apathetic?Without hesitation anymore, we went close to them and translated the foreign student's considerate words into Chinese, the senior kept saying thanks in Chinese to him. After giving our umbrella to that senior, we rushed into rain along with other people. When we arrived at a nearby store for cover ,all of us were soaked. We smiled at each other as if we just have saved the whole world .It's cold outside ,but we could feel warmth and strength deep in our heart .He told us he was an exchange student of Hunan University. According to his self introduction ,we found his sense of humor ,but when we praised him for his nice behavior ,he became very humble and replied with a soft voice, “it's no biggie ,you also did the same thing I did .My parents always told me humans should help each other out of nature. I think if they were in my shoes ,they would also do this.”

What is positive energy?It's not just linguistic words. It refers to a kind of motive that can brings health ,joy and kindness. Positive energy is everywhere ,it can spread across this planet without borders. We will always enjoy real happiness after giving each other a hand . Azimi was an ordinary young student like many of us ,yet he owned the most pure and kind heart in the world .There is no excuses for not helping those people who are in trouble. The biggest difference between human beings and other creatures is our irreplaceable thought and soul ,if we can walk hand in hand and spread positive energy together ,this earth will be more beautiful and warm .