Trump might be echoing fears of US people

Updated: 2016-03-18 07:43

By Yin Jiwu(China Daily)

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Trump might be echoing fears of US people

Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks in front of a display of Trump water, wine and steaks as he talks about the results of the Michigan, Mississippi and other primary elections during a news conference held at his Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida, March 8, 2016.[Photo/Agencies]

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has been drawing the support of many US citizens with his unique and exaggerative style. The billionaire businessman, whose latest wins were in Florida, North Carolina and Illinois primaries, has brought increased attention to the US presidential campaign because of his unusual (shocking to many) style of speaking.

Democracy is a value in which the US has always taken pride. The value of democracy, no matter its nature, lies in its contribution to social well-being. But Trump's campaign in the Republican nomination race has sparked media discussions of a different kind: on whether he symbolizes the defeat or the victory of US democracy. What Trump has divided is not only the united front of the Republican Party but also public opinion in the US.

That Trump's outspoken ways have endeared him to many in the US is, to a large extent, a result of public disappointment with US-style democracy. An increasing number of US citizens are realizing that behind the democracy rhetoric is mainly a glib mouth. For example, as one of the most eloquent US presidents, the promise of "reform and hope" Barack Obama made to voters during the presidential election campaign raised the expectations of people. But a series of problems in the economic, financial and healthcare fields have left them disappointed despite the US making some economic recovery.

Public disappointment is a cyclical occurrence in the US presidential elections. It also evolves into new expectations when a new face appears in the White House. So one could say many US voters are supporting Trump because they feel disappointed with the other candidates, as well as the incumbent president. The cautious manner of speaking public figures use to ensure no mistakes in times of "political correctness" has not only become politicians' dominant creed, it has also bred public disappointment and boredom. Perhaps that's why the outspoken and abnormal style Trump uses is like a breath of fresh air for them.

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