International attention on future reform agenda for China

Updated: 2013-11-07 16:22


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On corruption

Alex Kirby, a retired BBC journalist who has tracked China's development for several years, lists ending corruption as the greatest challenge. He feels that it is important to tackle corruption with a "one stone kills several birds" approach.

"Once corruption stops, China will be able to maintain the growth it needs to end poverty and to protect the environment (its own and the world's)," Kirby says.

Thomas Meyer, vice-chairman of the committee on fundamental principles of Germany's Social Democratic Party

It was an absolute necessity for the CPC to set anti-corruption as a major task, as corruption would damage the credibility of a ruling party, and would weaken people's support for reforms.

Garrison Ikiara, lecturer of International Economics at the University of Nairobi

A ruling party should be prepared for dangers in times of safety, and strengthen party building.

Andrey Vinogradov, director of the Center of Political Research, the Russian Academy of Sciences

To overcome corruption it is necessary to embrace the old and new society at the same time and change the relations between the State, society and business to suit the changing circumstances.[more]