Updated: 2013-08-21 07:36

(China Daily)

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'Black Wednesday' for Egyptians

Any Egyptian, regardless of his/her religious and political beliefs, must be saddened by the tragedy that unfolded in the country on Aug 14. Hundreds of Egyptians were killed and thousands were injured during the clashes when the security forces, supported by the army, moved in to clear Cairo's streets of Muslim Brotherhood supporters who were protesting against the ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi. The "Black Wednesday" will never be forgotten.

As an Egyptian - though now I am a Canadian citizen - I was numbed by the developments in my country of birth. It was heartbreaking to see my fellow Egyptians fighting and killing each other in a superficial power struggle.

Egypt is heading toward a long period of instability. I hope all Egyptians realize their duty toward their country and engage in a constructive dialogue that would help resolve the conflict peacefully to the satisfaction of all concerned.

Sava Hassan, via e-mail

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