Dependence on welfare reviewed

Updated: 2013-04-24 08:00

(China Daily)

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As a child, I was taught to never depend on government handouts, that we must be strong and forge a life for ourselves. A community or country can be strong only when its people are strong. Without a strong community, how can we have a strong government?

I was also raised to be sympathetic to people going through hard times, especially children or seniors who are dependent on people who shirk their responsibilities.

We cannot solve all the problems of the world but there are little things we can do each day that make someone's life a little more bearable or enjoyable. These things contribute to building a strong community.

I agree that healthy people should work, and I hate to see some people getting free dental and eye care while those working in low-wage jobs cannot afford to pay their and their families' medical bills. This does not mean that I think all people on welfare are taking advantage of the system. It's just that I cannot tolerate the injustice of the situation.

RonJaDa, from China Daily forum

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