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Positive attitude leads to success

I have been reading personal development (also called "self-help") books since I was in the third year of high school. These books have shaped my life and played an important role in making me who I am today.

The most important thing in your life, if you want to be successful, fulfilled and happy, is your attitude. A positive attitude is worth more than a Harvard degree. It can take you to places and do things for you that a PhD from even the top universities in the world cannot do.

I've traveled to 26 countries. I've lived in and experienced a lot of different cultures. I've met a lot of good people and a few that, well, weren't so good. But I've always approached every thing in life with a positive attitude. In fact, I have written a book on having a positive, powerful attitude that sold over 100,000 copies in the United States.

I don't have too many bad days. I plan for things to go right. I plan to meet and interact with people who will enhance my life while I add some value to theirs. Every day is a new choice. Have a positive attitude, for it makes for a happy life.

MichaelM, from China Daily's blog

Peninsula issue cause of concern

Comment on "Xi warns against chaos in region" (China Daily, April 8)

With tensions in Northeast Asia running high, I appreciate President Xi Jinping's warning against chaos in the region. As an American living in Beijing, the threat of renewed armed conflict on the Korean Peninsula is alarming to me.

I am sure that the vast majority of people in China and the US both share these fears. An overriding concern is that China and the US both would be drawn into a conflict with horrendous results. It would be better if China and the US, along with other relevant countries, work together to avoid a human tragedy that the conflict would cause.

Marty Brown, via e-mail

US must appreciate China's role

Comment on "Real work begins after fruitful talks" (China Daily, April 15)

China's new leadership is off to a good start. The US needs to appreciate China's sincerity in maintaining a stable and peaceful environment, both inside and outside the country, and for continuing to develop itself and helping the rest of the world to do so. But China needs to understand the practical concerns and considerations of power balance in the region and worldwide in relation to its own interests.

Icwu, on China Daily website

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