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Updated: 2011-11-14 08:01

(China Daily)

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Kong Qingdong, a Chinese language professor at Peking University (PKU), has come under fire for using foul language in his micro blog. Some have suggested PKU "abandon" the dirty-talking professor. Others say it is in the university's spirit to "embrace all" when hiring teachers. What do you think? China Daily mobile news readers share their views.

Micro blogs have become a battlefield where even university professors can demonstrate their "true temperament" by using foul language in public. It should never be the conduct of a responsible intellectual. Though academia and society should embrace diversity, it is far beyond people's tolerance to forgive unprincipled behavior that violates society's moral bottom line.

MUYI, Jinan, Shandong province

We should not regard every college professor as a courteous scholar or meticulous pedant. Everyone can enjoy their own individuality, professors at Peking University being no exception. Therefore, we should give professors a certain degree of tolerance.

Xiaoshanmao, Chengdu, Sichuan province

China's national power has gradually grown, but there are fewer people who dare to criticize social maladies. The country's social development calls for people like Professor Kong Qingdong bold enough to disclose the false, ugly and bad aspects of our society and push forward social advancement. As a tolerant country, China should tolerate trivial matters like foul language.

Reader, Foshan, Guangdong province

Today's university professors are not dedicated to teaching, rather they pursue popularity by using startling language in their micro blogs. Compared with the meticulous scholarship of scholars such as Ji Xianlin, Zhu Guangqian, the exhibitionism among today's academic stars proves that the look-at-me atmosphere has already swept through academia, and indeed the whole society.

Reader, Beijing

It is certainly inappropriate for a professor to use foul language. As both a teacher and a public figure, Professor Kong Qingdong has an influence on people outside his own circle. A society should never be reduced to the level where a professor can only express his feelings using gutter language.

Reader, Beijing

As the old saying goes, it takes two to make a quarrel. Professor Kong would not have burst out in fury if the reporter had not deliberately provoked him. What he did is out of manliness. Only under his education can come those people with daring spirit who would teach a lesson to those with low moral standards.

Reader, Nanjing, Jiangsu province

I totally agree with the university's spirit to "embrace all" when hiring teachers, but there should be a bottom line. A university should be a standard of social wisdom and morality. The behavior of professors inevitably exerts a huge influence on the perception of students, and guide social development and direction. Therefore, though using foul language is not a convincing enough reason to fire Professor Kong, the university should make a serious apology to the public.

Zhang, Tianjin

(China Daily 11/14/2011 page9)