Netizens rebuke green scarf rule

Updated: 2011-10-21 10:41


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The first experimental primary school of Weiyang district in Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province, requires students with a poor academic record to wear green scarves instead of the red scarf, which is the norm for primary school students throughout China. Although the school's principal insisted that the green scarf was to encourage pupils to work harder, many parents deemed it as plain humiliation to pupils. The news sparked a heated debate among netizens on the China Daily website, and an overwhelming majority opposed the practice, saying that it would have a negative influence on the psychological well-being of students. Here are some of their comments.

Some people discipline with very good intentions, but don't see the gross violation of personal dignity until it is pointed out. We should also allow prisoners the chance to be rehabilitated with dignity. Otherwise, they are condemned to be criminals for the rest of their lives.

Swieyue, from Singapore, on China Daily website

What they are doing is prejudicial and harmful to the self-esteem of the child. Maybe there is a reason for not doing as well as others, a learning disability perhaps, illness, or teacher problem. All need to be checked. This woman principal is out of line and needs to be re-educated in the handling of such children. She may learn something herself.

Walkingtreewoman, from Beijing, China, on China Daily website

If a student deserves to have a red scarf he should have one, and if a student deserves to have a green scarf let him have one. But there should be mechanisms for students to improve and to prove his/her effort to become good again, so that they can get back to the red scarf.

Manman, from Xiamen, Fujian province, China, on China Daily website

Schools are supposed to be cradle of social morality where the next generations are being taught on how to love and respect one another despite family background, ethnicity and skin color. Instead, at this very tender age, all the students are being taught unintentionally to discriminate one against another, just because of the color of scarves they are wearing. Is this the best way to nurture a harmonious and civil society for 21st century's China?

TunnelVision, from UK, on China Daily website

The simple children also have self-esteem, and they also need some kind of respect from their schoolmates and their teachers. The whole school should stop their stupid behavior, and they can find some other effective and appropriate way to help children improve their exam scores. And I think the importance of education is to cultivate a healthy and positive mind.

Anonymous netizen, from Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China, on China Daily website