How I help to bridge the gap

Updated: 2014-06-19 15:11

By April Li (Shanghai Star)

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How I help to bridge the gap

Bonds of wisdom 

How I help to bridge the gap

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I have learned to love helping them learn more about the real China by finding ways to make them feel comfortable despite their hesitations.

This is why I started the "Taste of China" Chinese food tour in my company, to help them explore more Chinese local food, and to experience the varieties of Chinese cuisine. I organize lunch at regional restaurants to help introduce them to the diversity and uniqueness in Chinese cuisine and at the same time, put them into a real language situation to practice their Chinese. Also I started "Decoding China" with another teacher — a Chinese culture course to help share the richness of Chinese customs and festivals and to help them understand more about Chinese people's way of thinking.

Through my many years of interaction, I find them to be more respectful of others, very responsible, willing to help, easygoing and fun.

Most of my co-workers are very responsible and do a great job, and my students and roommate are always so warm-hearted, offering help and giving effective information whenever needed. Being direct and straightforward also makes things much easier when you need a suggestion or if you did something wrong. At the same time, they offer enough privacy to make you feel comfortable.

In addition to finding it relaxing, easy, comfortable and fun, my experiences and interactions with foreigners not only give me the chance to understand and appreciate the differences between our cultures, but also give me the opportunity to share this appreciation with them.

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