Fair play for all

Updated: 2014-06-19 15:04

By Yu Ran (Shanghai Star)

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Fair play for all

Gina Jin (left) and Haren Wan (second from left) at the fair.

Fair play for all

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Fair play for all

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In order to expand the group and benefit a wider range of mothers, Wan and her friends decided to make it a public event, welcoming new mums and expectant mothers to join in. The location has also been changed to larger outdoor venues.

Wan and her team designed leaflets and posters for the nonprofit organization, and registered Weibo and WeChat accounts to spread the concept of the Mama's Love Fair within the city.

Apply online and pay 30 yuan for a family stall, and you can keep the earnings.

The money collected will be donated to charity organization Butterfly Home, the first home dedicated to children with short life expectancies in China.

"We just want to organize meaningful events with likeminded mothers and help more people," Wan says.

The fair has been held three times with an average of about 20 stalls on each occasion. It has also turned from a private party to a public reunion of families.

In addition, organizers provide a play area for children, organize childcare lectures for parents and encourage older kids to sell products to those who attend.

"It is more like a family party where parents and children are invited to come along and have fun," says Gina Jin, co-founder of Mama's Love Fair and the mother of a 21-month-old boy.

Jin adds that mothers that have taken part in the events have become good friends and share childcare experiences and tips all the time in a chat group via WeChat.

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