Words for Mother

Updated: 2014-05-09 18:43


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With Mother's Day around the corner, do not hesitate to express your love to your mom.Let's take a look at what Sina Weibo users say to their mothers.

"As we grow older, it seems to be embarrassing when we get along with parents. Actually, I have a lot to say to you. I hope I can walk slowly with your wrinkled hand. Thank you for giving the best to me." -- Mingyu Haoya Qingcheng

"You always call me and take care of me. No matter how late you always wait for me to have dinner and want me eat more. You never give me stress in terms of study and work. You just teach me to be honest and kind. Always giving and never asking for a reward. Mom, I love you."  --  Daqinlang.

"Although you always scold and complain to me, I fell no sense of safety and miss you when you are not home. Thank you for loving me for 20 years in your special way. No matter what will happen in the future, I will support you and hope you can always be by my side. Love you." -- LLLenaa.

"My mum was like a flower when she was young. Although we sometimes quarreled with each other, you are still the most beautiful lady in my heart. I will make you the more fashion that your peer when I earn money. You can join the mother’s dance team in our housing estate. Be happy everyday." -- Yayale Youyingyang.

"A few sentences cannot not express my love. I only hope you and my father can keep healthy and wait for me to take you to travel." -- Jingjing Qingbao.

"I used to pinch you with spots and your smooth face when I was by your side. I am proud and will never adore someone as my goddess. My dear mom, you are my unsophisticated goddess." -- Xu Lunwen.

"Thank you for raising me and in my heart I will always love you. Actually, I am mean, and I never said sweet words to you. I want say I love you, this year at age of 20." -- Nanian Qiutian Fengzaichui.

So what do you you want to say to your mom, or you child's mom?

Words for Mother

Words for Mother

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