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Updated: 2013-11-28 06:50

(China Daily)

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Dushan Pastoral and Seed Demonstration Farm was set up by the New Zealand and Chinese governments as a joint project to demonstrate New Zealand agronomy to local farmers.

1983 - 1986

Technicians in Dushan farm used all means available to transform the steep landscape into one that pasture could survive on.


Kiwi plant scientist Phil Rolston and Mid-Canterbury farmer Graham Lill came to Guizhou to teach the Chinese technicians how to grow grass. The farm imported more than 40 kinds of grass from New Zealand and Australia and selected 18 breeds according to their yields and growth cycles.


The farm began to import dairy cattle from New Zealand as a way to increase productivity.


Farm consultant Tim Harvey came to Dushan to teach local farmers about animal husbandry.


Dushan shifted its role from a local seed provider to a provincial promoter of pasture technologies.

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