Most popular ways to fight jetlag

Updated: 2013-11-25 09:58

By Xu Lin (

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12. Sleeping pills.

Most popular ways to fight jetlag


A light diet and exercise are the most effective choices for Chinese passengers on long-haul flights. While about 22 percent think one should avoid alcohol before the flight, 15 percent claim drinking alcohol during the flight can help them.

Of the respondents, 37 percent said they tried taking Viagra to tackle jetlag, as some reports said it may help to reduce jetlag and about seven percent said it helped. Herbal and motion sickness medication also helped, they said.

"It seems that a lighter diet and exercise can go a long way to prevent jetlag. We hope the survey will make your long journey a more comfortable one," said Andy Sleigh, Asia Pacific General Manager of

Most popular ways to fight jetlag

Most popular ways to fight jetlag

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