Internet ambassador for the ambassadors

Updated: 2013-11-05 15:03

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Internet ambassador for the ambassadors
Michael Malka and Zoubida Khadra Fatma Rabehi, the algerian ambassador spouse.

Malka was born into a normal Jewish family in Paris. As both of his parents and grandparents used to live in Morocco, he is not unfamiliar with Africa.

He was frequently invited by his friends working at Morocco embassy for New Year celebrations and other activities such as national days, he has therefore developed an network on the Morocco embassy.

Malka says since some African countries are French speaking countries, it makes him feel easier to get a good relation with African ambassadors.

Morocco embassy has paved his way of other African embassies, Malka started to find this is undeveloped niche and started to connect other embassies and help them promote their countries' activities in China.

Malka now owns a website, from which he has covered many interviews with African ambassador in China. The website also covers the latest development of economies, agriculture and energies in African, aims at providing more information to Chinese investors who are interested doing business with Africans.

Two languages such as English and Chinese have been made into the version of the website, and Malka has planned to develop a third version of French this year as to cover more audiences in African French speaking countries.

Currently there are about 200,000 data base clients for Malka's website, and the number of daily reader could reach about 1,200. Reader are mainly from African embassies in China, as well as Chinese readers who are interested in knowing African's investing environment.

Malka says since the current economic development in Europe and the US is not that optimistic, African could become next potential business partners for most businessmen in China.

Internet ambassador for the ambassadors
Potrait of Michael Malka

There are about 15 people working at Malka's company, and Malka goes to Africa every three month to get in touch with African media, as well as helping Chinese introduce business to African.

Malka has been working in the PR industry for more than 20 years, at world's different places such as French, Canada, South America and Israel, he has had all experience of setting up a PR company there.

"Communicate is the best thing as only people understand each other well they can solve the problem much easier and reduce any conflict between them," Malka says.

"I'd like to meet and talk to people," the 44-year-old business man says, "and I'd like to make friends with them; I feel happy and excited to meet new people and learn new things every day."

While talking about the Chinese businessmen he currently deals with, he says he was impressed by Chinese businessmen's characteristic, as they are smart, tough, and quite action-driven.

"Once they decide to do something, they will never give up and go for it," Malka says, "and they will grasp every opportunity that in front of them."

Malka says being an entrepreneur, having a clear goal is important, but during the process of achieving it, the spirit of persistence should also not be neglected.

"No one can be successful for the first time, and people may succeed after many time's failure," Malka says, "never be afraid of these failures and lessons people have learned will make them become experienced for the second time."

Malka says he feels proud of what he is doing right now, as every morning when he wakes up, he feels happy.

"I have no plan of when I will go back home, as every day's life in China is a fresh thing to me," Malka says.

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