Internet ambassador for the ambassadors

Updated: 2013-11-05 15:03

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Internet ambassador for the ambassadors
Michael Malka with Professor Ben Boukhatem.

Michael Malka fell in love with China during his first visit in Beijing, now with what he specializes in, he is introducing Chinese companies to African ambassadors for the investment in Africa, he found himself quite comfortable with what he is doing right now, and especially love the place he stays.

While Malka first come to China in 2008, what he sees is out of his expectation.

"To be honest, my image on China is not that good because of some media report," Malka says, "but as soon as I arrived and experienced the country by myself, I found China actually a quite attractive place."

Malka says different from French, the way of eating in China is quite unique, and because of Chinese people's kindness and hospitality, the 20-year-experienced PR guy decided to set up a business in China.

"My partner and I went many places such as Hong Kong, Macao, and Shanghai in China, but we finally decided to choose Beijing as it fits our strategic way of developing our business," Malka says.

By saying the strategic way, Malka is mentioning introducing Chinese companies to African ambassadors to discuss about investment in Africa, because of this specific niche of knowing a lot of ambassadors of African, Malka is leading a business different from others.

"The reason why I thought of this is because people go to embassies before they go abroad, and for Chinese businessmen who want to do business with Africans, the best way is to talk with the ambassadors before they go," Malka says.

Malka say as African obtains resources and labor, it will soon become the next important market in the world. He says although China has been pay attention to fields such as new energy, electronic and telecom, more fields such as education and infrastructure should be enhanced for investment as it bring a win-win situation for both China and Africa.

"Businessmen in China should have a long term vision for their business in Africa, it should not be a take-and-leave model," Malka says, "taking an example for education, if China could educate more talents in African, they will be capable of doing business with Chinese people once they developed themselves, it's just like a lot of Chinese get trained MBA in the US and later doing business with the US people."

Malka says it is a mistake that people consider African is a poor country, especially as the population of middle class becomes bigger in African, it could become a potential market in any field.

Taking an example of mobile phone market in Africa, Malka says as more people in African started to use mobile phone, China could have about 1 billion African mobile phone users in the future.

"What China needs to do is to have a sustainable development with African," Malka says, "only China not behave like what Europe treat Africans previously, they will not only benefit from doing business with African, but also gain a friend from a political perspective."

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