We are what they wear

Updated: 2013-06-20 16:33

By Xu Lin (China Daily)

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We are what they wear

Students in Garze, Sichuan province, try on the new clothes received from Wardrobe of Love, a charity NGO, which provides high-quality new clothes to impoverished students. Photo provided to China Daily

"A set of clothes is a key that can open a door for them," Wang says.

"Wardrobe of Love is like a family. We all care about each other and share the same ideals," says Zhao Qian, 43, a volunteer. She quit her job as a sales executive about seven years ago, to be a full-time volunteer at NGOs.

"It's my way to repay society. I like the children's innocence and pureness, which is not so common today. A single piece of candy can bring them a lot of joy," she says.

She claims China has policies on orphans, but not on poor children.

"It's very important to cooperate with the local government, because they provide information from schools and help us distribute clothes," she says.

"We'd like to offer a platform to help corporations that have online stores to deal with their stock, such as out-of-season clothing," Wang adds. "Netizens can have nice things for cheap prices in the exclusive goods section of Wardrobe of Love, and contribute to charity at the same time," he says.

"We will provide a website, with all our partners' goods, so more people can buy them. We also plan to develop an app."

Wang says it is positive for charity organizations to be social enterprises, which make a profit to solve social problems rather than provide dividends to investors.

He also plans to establish an independent Wardrobe of Love foundation.

"It means my responsibilities will be greater, but an official seal for an NGO is very important, because it's easier to cooperate with others, such as signing contracts for urgent cooperative ventures."

We are what they wear

We are what they wear

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