Getting them at a young age

Updated: 2013-04-01 13:37

By Liu Jie (China Daily)

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Getting them at a young age

Children enjoying games they created themselves for Sony ExploreScience in Beijing. Sony ExploreScience is a science populularization museum for youngsters and is sponsored by Sony Corp. Provided to China Daily

Science museum aims to popularize technology among nation's youths.

Zhao Yilun is skillful in using his Sony Xperia smartphone, taking and editing photos, downloading music and videos, playing games as well as using various other applications.

But the 11-year-old boy said that it's the first time he had come across and experienced so many advanced, complicated, interesting technologies supported by this small device.

He had just visited an exhibition about "secrets behind smart mobile equipment", held at Beijing's Sony ExploreScience - a museum designed to popularize science.

The exhibition is divided into three segments, involving technologies presentation, do-it-yourself software and a display of conceptual ideas for the mobile industry, which will continue until the end of June.

"I am interested in the technologies the exhibition is showing. I even designed and made a game software under the guidance of working staff here," Zhao said, adding that he is a patron of Sony ExploreScience and loves various exhibitions and events related to modern technology held here.

The science museum, set up in 2000, is sponsored by Sony Corp and aimed especially at youth education. It leverages Sony's newly developed technology to host interactive high-tech shows for children from time to time.

Sony, the Japanese multinational electronics and entertainment conglomerate, has invested more than 450 million yuan ($72.44 million) in operations at the museum, introducing high-tech exhibits and advanced science education models, training staff and supporting relevant charity events.

Zhao said the annual green-themed exhibition impressed him most. From 2003, the museum has conducted shows concerning environmental protection every year. Topics have covered green elements in daily lives, waste recycling, sewage treatment and new green trends in the world. Last year the exhibition was named Green Energy Wave and was focused on how to use - and the future of - new energy from the wind, sun, tide and biomass.

"From the exhibition I gained knowledge of new energies and their functional mechanisms. I made a small car model, which can run a short distance with the support of solar energy and won an award at my school," said the primary school student.

Getting them at a young age

Getting them at a young age

Getting them at a young age

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