Overseas students younger, more diverse

Updated: 2013-03-13 10:03

By Luo Wangshu (China Daily)

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Overseas students younger, more diverse

The 20-year-old Fan Kairui studies at a vocational school in Australia. Increasing numbers of Chinese students are opting to learn practical rather than purely academic skills overseas. Provided to China Daily

Overseas students younger, more diverse

Ding Yanping's son has been studying in Australia for three years after he finished middle school in China.

But rather than chasing big name universities, the 20-year-old Fan Kairui is in a vocational school in Australia called TAFE SA, short for Technical and Further Education South Australia.

"He is not very good at doing research, definitely not an excellent test taker," said his mother Ding.

"He may not be qualified for universities for now. But the vocational school has a lower standard, and is easier to get into, which fits him at this moment.

"He can learn pragmatic skills that will bring him an advantage in job market in the future," she said, adding that her family runs a mining business in Australia and China, which has given her an appreciation for pragmatic skills.

Like Ding and Fan, many other families have alternative plans for overseas study based on their own needs.

The routine path from bachelor's, master's and even to PhD degrees is not the only pattern for every Chinese to study abroad.

Over the past weekend, nearly 400 schools and institutes gathered in Beijing for the 2013 China International Education Exhibition Tour. The group included universities, high schools and vocational schools.

Overseas students younger, more diverse

Overseas students younger, more diverse

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