Listen to your body before it's too late

Updated: 2013-03-13 09:27

By Liu Zhihua (China Daily)

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However, although the Chinese now pay more attention to health, their knowledge of disease prevention and treatment is still distorted by irresponsible commercials and unqualified medical endorsement, Fan says.

The public needs better health-related knowledge, and medical professionals must bear the responsibility of educating them, he notes.

Listen to your body before it's too late

Ling Feng, director of neurosurgery department at Xuan Wu Hospital and a CPPCC member, says she believes prevention rather than cure is the best approach to save lives from cardiovascular diseases.

A healthy lifestyle, regular medical checkup and a good attitude are all important in preventing such diseases, Ling says.

First aid skills are also important in saving lives, and we still lack knowledge and experience here, the experts agree.

"When I lived abroad I noticed that first aid is a basic skill for many ordinary people, and they can use that skill to save people in need before an ambulance arrives," Fan says.

"In China, we quite often encounter patients who arrive at the hospital either having been given the wrong emergency treatment, or none at all."

Fan also suggests that elderly people must have with them a card that lists their medical conditions, and keep it with them always in case of a medical emergency.

Listen to your body before it's too late

Listen to your body before it's too late

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