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Updated: 2013-03-11 15:32

By Xu Lin (China Daily)

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The cats are divided into four groups - kitten (CFA-registered kittens between 4 and 8 months), championship class (CFA-registered intact cats older than 8 months), premiership class (neutered cats registered in CFA older than 8 months); and household pets class.

Judges will score the cats by aspects of their physical appearance, such as shape and fur color, with top cats winning ribbons based on their ranking.

"With the development of cat shows in China in recent years, people are more familiar with famous foreign cats, such as Persians and exotic shorthairs. People's attitudes toward cats are changing, too," she says.

Yang Dong, 32, who works in the communication industry in Beijing, is bringing his ragdoll cat Robert and ragdoll kitten Julia to the show.

"The ragdoll is smart, gentle, patient and likes to cling to people. My wife and I were instantly attracted to its angel-like face," he says.

Top Cats

Since last year, he has spent more than 100,000 yuan ($16,080) on cat shows, including cat purchases, accommodations and application fees. Robert won the Best Cat in Championship in December in a CFA show in Beijing, becoming the first ragdoll in Asia that won the title of Grand Championship.

Yang says it's important to keep the cat in prime condition. That means, for example, avoiding direct sunlight, so that its color won't fade, and providing a regular and balanced diet.

"A cat show is an eye-opener because you can see various species of pedigreed cats. It's an exciting experience," he says.

Sometimes a cat may run away in the contest, he says, and it can be fun to watch people catch it in such a crowded place.

"Cats are timid and easily frightened if there are too many people. Please don't use a flash if you take photos," Chang says.

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Top Cats

Top Cats

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