People to people talk enhance mutual understanding

Updated: 2013-03-05 17:47

By Jiao Xiaoli (

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The dialogue clearly generated positive energy and the extra will to help ease the political standoff. Politicians obviously make their decisions taking heed of the will of the public at large, and creating a positive atmosphere in which decisions can be made – such as through this dialogue in Tokyo – can play a crucial part in that.

People to people talk enhance mutual understanding

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People to people talk enhance mutual understanding

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The academics present bear the burden of keeping open minds on culture, economics, and social and universal values as a way of promoting a peaceful resolution to conflicts. The challenges are great, but any fruit born of the efforts to solve those challenges will be greater still.

Both sides agreed that working together and keeping the peace was if the utmost importance, and the forum closed with a warm round of applause.

Zhao Qizheng, the founder of Shanghai Pudong area and then Minister of State Council, Information Office, currently holding the title of chairman of Foreign Affairs Commission of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, once said that "as long as there is communication, there is a chance for good things to happen. In that regard, people- to-people talk is of great importance".

As I left Tokyo, thick fog enveloped the airport, but as we departed the land of the rising sun, the sun was doing just that. The low cloud could not compete with this brilliance.......

(Jiao Xiaoli is a senior public relations officer and free lance writer of China Daily.)

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