People to people talk enhance mutual understanding

Updated: 2013-03-05 17:47

By Jiao Xiaoli (

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In January I was invited to take part in The Japan-China Dialogue: Toward Future-Oriented Japan-China Relationship over four days in Tokyo. It was by organized academics trying to pave the way for peace and prosperity in the region. The co-hosts were the World Resources Institute and the Japan Forum for International Relations, and it provided a great platform for discussing energy and environment cooperation, which is crucial for the sustainable development of both nations and beyond.

People to people talk enhance mutual understanding

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People to people talk enhance mutual understanding

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There were about 100 participants from organizations such as the Global Forum of Japan, the Japan Forum on International Relations, the World Resources Institute, Beijing Normal University, Zhejiang University, American University, the Center for Global Environmental Policy, Qingdao University of Sciences and Technology, Eastern China University of Law and Politics, Beijing Asia-Pacific Consulting Center for Environment and Development, Japan Seikei University, and Japan Institute for Global Environmental Strategies.

The session on environment and energy session was co-chaired by Dr Hu Tao of the World Resources Institute and Professor Ryokichi Hirono of Seikei University in Tokyo. He is also looking to continue cooperation with Dr Hu Tao of the World Resources Institute, pursuing joint research in sustainable cities, trade and investment, and other areas. The two parties will host another round of meetings in Beijing this month.

The Japan Forum on International Relations was founded in 1987, and its connections are extensive. It publishes a bimonthly email magazine that has a circulation of to 10,000 readers worldwide.

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