Keeping healthy during autumn and winter

Updated: 2012-10-30 10:52

By Wu Wencong (China Daily)

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Concentrations of some toxic chemicals in automobile interiors can be five to 10 times higher than in homes and offices, according to a report published in 2006 by the Ecology Center, a United States' nonprofit environmental organization. That means air pollution in cars is too severe to be neglected, especially during the winter months.

Below are some tips

Roll down your car windows occasionally. Pollution inside cars, especially new cars, is mainly caused by poor ventilation.

Avoid irrational automobile decoration. Some car accessories release poisonous gases.

Don't choose the internal circulation mode on air conditioners in cars. Instead of pumping fresh air, it accumulates harmful gases released by both decoration and people inside cars.

Don't smoke in your car. The smoke will seriously pollute the air.

Don't sleep in locked cars with the heating on, to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Don't use car freshener. It may make the air smell pleasant for a short time, but will eventually become a source of air pollution.

- Wu Wencong