The freedom of dance

Updated: 2012-10-28 15:54

(China Daily)

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The freedom of dance

Three times a week, since 2009, a group of dancers, including 27 people who are physically challenged, practice modern dance. Photos by Zhu Xingxin / China Daily

Be it the twist, or an elegant waltz - no dance steps appear too difficult for a group of physically challenged people in Beijing. These members of the Beijing Wheelchair Dance Training Base, established in 2009, are able to maneuver their wheelchairs with ease, grace and speed. They train three times a week as part of their expressive and creative arts therapy. According to Zhang Zhong, the wheelchair dance team captain, to dance well in wheelchairs requires hard work. He says one can only master the various forms of movements and expressions after two years of continuous practice. "Most of them take up dancing as a form of entertainment. They are too shy to perform in public," he says.

The freedom of dance

A volunteer instructor guides Dong Jingli (left) across the floor, to help her practice modern dance.

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