Wonderful use of expired food

Updated: 2012-10-15 10:14


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Off milk

It’s wasteful to dump expired milk. It’s rarely known that off milk can be used to polish leathery furniture with the effect of filling in tiny crevices.

Expired olive oil

Though inedible, expired olive oil can be used in other ways. Spraying olive oil and beer on the your head when shampooing the hair can contribute to hair care.

Coffee bean turns into stain remover

After brewing coffee, the filtered coffee grounds can be of good use. Wrapped with gauze, it acts as a stain remover to polish cooking equipment.

Expired Cola

Expired cola can be used to clean a stainless steel kitchen sink. It can easily remove tiny stains if there are any.

Expired bread

Put the expired bread slice in a paper bag and put it in the fridge corner with the bag open. The slice can absorb and eradicate fridge odor.

DIY Deodorant with old tea leaves

Wrap used or old tea leaves with gauze and put them in smelly places, a shoe wardrobe, for instance. They can absorb odor in small spaces.