Ancient tales of filial piety

Updated: 2012-08-20 09:00

(China Daily)

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Ancient tales of filial piety

Nobody does it better

Huang Xiang lived in the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 25-220). His mother passed away when he was 9. His longing for his late mother and his filial piety for his father were praised by his fellow villagers. He would cool his father's pillow and mat with a fan in the hot summer and warm his father's quilts and cushions with his body in the cold winter. When he grew up, he served as the prefect of Wei county. When the county suffered from a flood, he donated all his possessions to help victims. A saying goes that, "There is no parallel in this world to Huang Xiang".

Ancient tales of filial piety

Melting hearts

Wang Xiang lived in the Western Jin Dynasty (AD 265-316). His mother died when he was young. His stepmother didn't treat him well and often spoke ill of him in front of his father. Because of this, he also lost the love of his father. But when his parents were ill, he took care of them carefully. One cold winter day, his stepmother wanted to eat fresh fish. He took off his clothes and lay on the frozen river to melt the ice with his body. The ice melted and two carp leaped out. He took them home and his stepmother was moved.

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