Ladies court Lin on a long shot, but none score

Updated: 2012-02-25 08:30

By Sun Li (China Daily)

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 Ladies court Lin on a long shot, but none score

Edison Chen was found to have changed tags during the marathon, drawing allegations that he did not finish the race.

Ladies court Lin on a long shot, but none score

While the United States was abuzz with talk about an unfounded romantic link between NBA sensation Jeremy Lin and the reality TV star Kim Kardashian, China's beauties weren't slow getting to the 3-point line and making a couple of hopeful lobs in his romantic direction either.

Taiwan celebrities were particularly quick to make a pass, with actress Michelle Chen saying she was a fan of Linsanity: "If he comes to watch my latest film, I would be more than willing to be his date. I hope he will invite me to New York to watch his games."

The younger sister of SHE's Selina Jen, Kristen Jen, had obviously done a bit of investigative reporting on her intended sweetheart and discovered his Achilles heel could be religion. Both of them are devout Christians, so Kristen played the God card by saying she felt close to Lin as both of them are believers and he sounded like the ideal man for her.

Model Bianca Bai, on the other hand, was more realistic, and said that though she loved Lin to death she was afraid that he was attracting girls like lures bees, to honey and the competition might be too intense for her. She lives in hope.

Someone no longer considered a dream date is the notorious Edison Chen, the former singer and actor who is having difficulty gaining useful employment since his sex photo scandal more than two years ago.

Since Chen has had a lot of time on his hands these days, he has been training for a marathon for the past five months, with the help of his sponsor, Nike, and a trainer and a masseuse.

No surprise then that at the Hong Kong Marathon earlier this month he posted a respectable time of three hours, 55 minutes and 46 seconds, and managed to raise $257,928 in the process.

Good job? And a public relations triumph, at last?


Chen managed to get himself disqualified after fellow competitors discovered he had changed his entrance number with another runner, which cast doubt on whether he had actually completed the race at all, let alone in the time claimed.

Celebrity Sauce readers will no doubt agree that cheaters (especially serial cheaters) never prosper.

The Hong Kong singer/actress Denise Ho, meanwhile, has turned French kissing into an art form - through the tried and tested method of practice makes perfect. It was just a few weeks ago that she was playing tonsil hockey with singer Eason Chan in a sexually charged stage show.

This week, the loud and proud lesbian was locked in a lip embrace with fellow thespian Chao Yi-lan in the drama production Jia Baoyu. Not content with this, Chao went even further and grabbed Ho's breast. Ho commented that it was all for the sake of art and described herself as avant-garde - which we guess she thinks is French for doing anything you like in public and being paid handsomely for it.

Finally, following up on his hit movie 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstacy, the Hong Kong film producer Stephen Shui Jr says he's ready to go one step further and produce a 4D erotic movie. "What's that?" we hear you ask. Well, apparently, if you add vibrating seats and hot actresses, you can add a D.

Alina Hsu and Japan's Rio have been lined up for roles, while Aoi Sora (a big hit on the mainland) will get a cameo.

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