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Updated: 2011-09-22 07:58

(China Daily)

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Sha Yi says his latest role is a gift to his baby son

What's new

Actor Sha Yi sees his role as a lawyer in his latest film, One Wrong Step, as a gift to his 2-month-old son.

Sha plays an upright lawyer who tries his best to uncover the truth. "I want to say to my son, live honestly," he says.

The film also stars model/actress Qu Ying, who plays Sha's ex-wife and rival in a lawsuit. The two engage in a battle of wits in the crime thriller.

The film premiered on Sept 15.

China Opera House to present Tannhauser

The China National Opera House will stage Wagner's Tannhauser on Sept 22 and 24, at Beijing's Tianqiao Theater. Tannhauser will mark the opera house's premiere of the German composer's works. It will be performed in German with Chinese subtitles.

Earlier, it staged the White-Haired Girl, the nation's first Chinese opera after 1949.

White-Haired Girl and Tannhauser, together with a concert of classic opera arias in August and a concert of music from the dance drama Road of Rejuvenation on Sept 26, are China National Opera House's contributions to the festival of China's national art troupes organized by the Ministry of Culture.

Diplomats get a taste of TCM philosophy, practices

At least 200 embassy officials from more than 70 countries gathered recently at the opening of the 2011 Friendship Communication of Ambassadors and Madams on Knowing Chinese Culture, for a primer on traditional Chinese healthcare practices.

Sponsored by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, this annual event is aimed at enhancing an understanding of Chinese culture among diplomats. It was first held in 2002.

From Sept 15-18, diplomats from 20 to 30 countries were invited to travel to Wendeng, Shandong province, a city known for its hot springs, to experience the therapeutic properties of natural mineral waters.

Ozark launches preservation drive

Swiss outdoor garment label Ozark has held two parties in Beijing and Shanghai to celebrate its 15-year anniversary, and announce its "Snow Mountain Guarding Project".

The joint project with China's Mountain Rescue Team in the Tibet autonomous region, aims to promote an eco-friendly way of climbing snow mountains, and promote mountain-climbing to the public.

Wisteria dwells on Regret for the Past

Wisteria, a campus version of the Chinese opera Regret for the Past, will be put on by the Zheng Xiaoying Opera Center of Xiamen Institute of Technology, at the National Center for the Performing Arts from Sept 22-25.

Regret for the Past was composed by Shi Guangnan (1940-1990), based on Lu Xun's only romance novel of the same title.

The work debuted in 1981 but has not been performed for 30 years. Under the direction of 82-year-old conductor Zheng Xiaoying, the work has been rearranged to better suit today's audience. Zheng will introduce the plot to the audience and conduct the first half of the performances.

After National Center for the Performing Arts, the opera will tour a number of universities and colleges.

Outstanding students compete for trip of lifetime

Thirty students will have a chance to interact with high-ranking politicians and professors in the United States during a 14-day trip started on Jan 26, 2012, launched by the Beijing International Educational Exchange Center.

Highlights of the trip include interning at the White House and gaining the internship certificate, dining with congressmen, visiting seven prestigious universities, including Harvard and Yale, attending lectures addressed by well-known fund managers at Wall Street and the US Youth Leadership Seminar.

Application for the trip's selection competition, which opens to high school and university students aged between 12 and 20, started this month. Eligible students can download application forms from the official website

Final participants need to pay 88,000 yuan ($13,750), while some excellent applicants will be awarded a 20,000-yuan subsidy by China Everbright Bank.


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