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Updated: 2011-09-06 07:58

(China Daily)

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What's new

Jet Li's latest film premieres in Venice

It's Love, Jet Li's latest film, premiered on Sept 2 at the 68th Venice International Film Festival, which opened on Aug 31 and runs to Sept 10.

In the fantasy tale based on Chinese mythology, Li plays a monk who tries to stop a young man falling in love with a snake fairy.

Lead actress Huang Shengyi and actor Raymond Lam sing the theme song Promise.

Costing 180 million yuan ($28 million), the film will hit mainland theaters on Sept 29.

Intangible cultural heritage works added to list

The Ministry of Culture recently held a ceremony in Beijing to inaugurate the third National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, which includes 355 works of folk literature, music, dance, art, medicine, custom and sport.

Chinese State Councilor Liu Yandong attended the ceremony.

In addition to the lists announced in 2006 and 2008, the total number of Chinese intangible cultural heritage works total 1,219.

China passed the Law on Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection on June 1.

Teens gather to discuss international culture

Enlighten My Future! an international youth congress, was held at the Central Academy of Fine Arts from Aug 26-Sept 1, in Beijing.

Coinciding with the ongoing European art exhibition entitled The Art of The Enlightenment at the newly renovated National Museum of China, the event drew some 100 16-18 year olds, art management teachers and students from India, Russia, Germany and China, to talk about the role of the arts and museums in a globalized world.

The gathering featured a string of activities, including visits to the Enlightenment exhibition, the Palace Museum, the Great Wall, galleries and the Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, besides heated discussions and presentations, says Felicitas von Mallinckrodt, from Dresden State Art Collections Museum, which prepared the exhibition at the National Museum of China, along with German museums.

What's new

Monkey King musical gets a 3D DVD release

Sight, Sound & Action, a Chinese theatrical production company, has released Monkey King, a musical based on the classic novel Journey to the West, on DVD.

It is the first 3D DVD adapted from a Chinese musical.

The show was staged in 2008, in China, featuring a combination of rock 'n' roll, martial arts, acrobatics and classical Chinese dancing.

In Chinese and with English subtitles, the film requires a Blu-ray DVD player and a 3D television set.

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