Foods to tease your taste buds in autumn evenings

Updated: 2011-09-03 07:48

By Ye Jun (China Daily)

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As autumn nears, Beijing's restaurant scene comes alive with foods to awaken the senses, at a range of tasting events and festivals.

Foods to tease your taste buds in autumn evenings

The 7th Beijing International Western Cuisine Festival, which kicked off in mid-August and will last till Sept 30, is a case in point.

Diners can log on to (in Chinese only) to download discount coupons to member restaurants of the Beijing Western Cuisine Association.

SOPEXA, an organization dedicated to cultural exchange between China and France, will organize the 10th French Festival at Sanlitun on Sept 24 and 25. From noon to 8 pm on these two days, one can sample French foods and wines, and learn about French products. Representatives from major French companies - Air France, Aussino World Wines, Evian, Nespresso, Sinodis and Michelin - will also be present at the venue.

With the evenings becoming cooler, many Beijing residents are seeking out outdoor dining options. The Scarlett wine bar and restaurant is one such. The restaurant offers a delectable combo platter with five cheeses and three cold cuts.

The chef's recommendation includes a very tender chicken main course, served with noodles, and a great value beef fillet, for 298 yuan ($47), which is good for at least two. The restaurant offers a range of international wines. The restaurant has a modern feel.

The most striking aspect of Bloo Dining restaurant is the round dining area with French windows that allow sunlight to stream in. A highlight at the eatery is Hainan chicken rice. According to chef Bob He, the restaurant uses a 1.5 kilogram Wenchang chicken from Hainan island, which he puts in seething hot water, then turns off the fire, and keep the lid on for 25 minutes. After that, the whole chicken is put in iced water, yielding a chicken that is tantalizingly tender. The chicken rice costs 80 yuan a person.

Yet another restaurant with a great outdoor ambience is Nuage at Houhai. Its second floor opens on to a great view of the lake. The restaurant offers Shandong cuisine on the first and third floors, and French-style Vietnamese foods on the second and fourth floors. At a recent tasting, I was delighted to discover the slightly sweet Vietnamese curry chicken, which made for a perfect combination with steamed rice.

I would also recommend chicken salad, and Vietnamese rice noodles, served with battered beef, onion slices and coriander.

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