Jay Chou caught with his latest squeeze in Marseille

Updated: 2011-08-26 07:56

(China Daily)

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Jay Chou has been caught out romancing 18-year-old model Hannah Quinlivan in France. The 32-year-old Mandopop star is totally adept at hiding his love life from the media, though he seems to enjoy at times a cat-and-mouse game with the paparazzi (or "doggie pack", as it's referred to here) and is not averse to raising his profile by keeping everyone guessing who his latest conquest is.

Jay Chou caught with his latest squeeze in Marseille

The Chinese-speaking world's biggest star, now a Hollywood actor, has previously been romantically linked with Vivian Hsu, Jolin Tsai, Hebe Tien, Patty Hou and Jessie Chiang.

As is usual with Chou, he has been claiming he and Quinlivan are "just friends" and after being pictured in Marseille holding his girl, poured scorn on the photographer for only managing to get a shot of his back.

"Either you can't get a photo or you only managed to get one of our backs. Really sorry. Next time, I'll help you out with a photo of our faces," he posted on a friend's micro blog.

No-one's taking photos of music producer Gao Xiaosong, as he's currently languishing in jail after being sentenced to six months of drying out for drink driving. This has not stopped him being productive, however, and a snippet of his translation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Memories of My Melancholy Whores has been posted on the Web and been being applauded for its "striking Beijing characteristics." Should be interesting.

Raymond Lam, the Hong Kong TV actor who used to have an unblemished, almost saintly image, but is now bracketed in the same category as the United States' Charlie Sheen, has hooked up with another girl.

After gaining huge column inches for dating Mavis Pan and being caught out with a number of starlets since, it appears that China's Romeo has gone back to his roots, in Xiamen, to find love.

Jay Chou caught with his latest squeeze in Marseille

According to, his new paramour is Fang Fang, a "voluptuous" model in her 20s who outed herself as Lam's other half when she posted on her micro blog a number of pictures she took at the actor's apartment. In one picture, she is seen admiring Lam's Ultimate Song Chart Awards trophy.

Fang has been telling anyone who will listen that she is Lam's girlfriend, but Lam is less gallant and has taken a vow of silence on the affair.

Another male heartthrob who has a way with women is Huang Xiaoming, 33, who appears to have settled down with model and wannabe actress Angelababy.

In a recent interview, he said he is under huge pressure from his parents to provide an heir, and anticipates getting married and having kids by the time he is 40.

"My woman will be pampered by me, like a princess," he says.

We are all wondering whether Angelababy can hold on that long.


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