Updated: 2011-08-12 11:16

(China Daily European Weekly)

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Think Asia, Think Hong Kong

The event brings together UK and Hong Kong business people to discuss developments and trends in the dynamic Asian markets, as well as to explore opportunities emerging from the strong economic growth in the Asian region, particularly China on the mainland.

Date: Sept 12-15

Venue: London


Institute of Directors-China Trade Conference, Bristol

This conference aims to inspire confidence and provide you with an understanding of China's market potential, and what preparations and considerations you need to make before jumping on a plane. Expert speakers from HSBC and the Bristol China Partnership all share their lessons on developing and growing business in China.

Date: Sept 29

Venue: HSBC Commercial Center


Investing in mainland or Hong Kong, Brussels

The seminar will go into detail on all the tax aspects of directly conducting business on the Chinese mainland as well as business on the mainland through Hong Kong. In addition, the aspects of setting up a business will be discussed.

Date: Oct 10

Venue: Radisson Blu EU Hotel



My Chinese Valentine

Local businesses are cashing in on a traditional love story involving a cow herder and a goddess

Outdoor success
Lifting the veil
Allure of mystery

European Edition


Star journalist leaves legacy

Li Xing, China Daily's assistant editor-in-chief and veteran columnist, died of a cerebral hemorrhage on Aug 7 in Washington DC, US.

Sowing the seeds of doubt

The presence in China of multinationals such as Monsanto and Pioneer is sparking controversy

Lifting the veil

Beijing's Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City, is steeped in history, dreams and tears, which are perfectly reflected in design.

Ancient plate broken
Selfless actions
Space race