Updated: 2011-08-05 11:11

(China Daily European Weekly)

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Think Asia, Think Hong Kong, London

The event brings together the UK and Hong Kong business people to discuss developments and trends in the dynamic Asian markets, as well as to explore opportunities emerging from the strong economic growth in the Asian region, particularly China. UK companies are invited to join and gather the latest market intelligence on Asia and China, and to discover the Hong Kong advantage through sector-specific sessions.

Date: Sept 12-15

Venue: Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center


Zhejiang Federation of Industry and Commerce Visit, London

China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) is pleased to welcome a delegation from Zhejiang Federation of Industry and Commerce together with local businesses and enterprises. The delegation wishes to meet CBBC members, especially in the pharmaceutical and agriculture industries, and discuss business partnerships.

Date: Aug 10

Venue: CBBC London


How to survive your business meetings in China, Brussels

The key to success in today's globally integrated business environment is the ability to understand your counterpart with a different cultural background correctly, also called "cultural intelligence". Expert speakers include Jeanne Boden, author of the book Mindmapping China (2010), Shao Ming, who has more than 15 years of cross-cultural working experience both in China and Belgium and Song Zhiwei, who worked at the Ministry of Water Resources in China.

Date: Sept 30

Venue: Management Center Europe


Institute of Directors-China Trade Conference

Provides an understanding of China's market potential and offers guidelines about preparation and considerations needed before jumping on a plane. Expert speakers from UKTI, China-Britain Business Council, Institute of Exports, Bristol China Partnership, UWE and directors of Bristol and southwest businesses share lessons on developing and growing business in China.

Date: Sept 29



Double vision

Prosperous Hangzhou banks on creative energies to bridge traditional and modern sectors

Minding matters
A touch of glass
No longer going by the book

European Edition


Ancient plate broken

An ancient porcelain plate was accidentally destroyed during a research in the Palace Museum.

Selfless actions

A 20-year-old girl becomes an Internet star  for giving her first kiss to a drowning old man.

Space race

Homebuyers are learning the hard facts of supply and demand: too many cars and too few parking spaces.

Pulling heart strings
Fit to a tea
90th anniversary of the CPC