Squeaky clean image sullied by passion after the wake

Updated: 2011-07-29 08:01

(China Daily)

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Hong Kong soap opera actor Raymond Lam had the sort of pristine reputation that middle-aged women swooned over. Not any more. The sometime singer had his carefully crafted image of gentlemanly demeanor spoiled by getting caught in bed with young model Mavis Pan, who took photos of him sleeping and then managed to contrive to lose her phone so the pics got uploaded on the Internet.

Squeaky clean image sullied by passion after the wake

That was unfortunate. But his latest public relations disaster is pretty much self-inflicted. Just a day after putting to rest his dear departed grandmother and spilling copious tears by the graveside, he was out clubbing. During the visit to Vol nightspot, the 31-year-old was seen swigging champagne as if it was going out of fashion and dancing uncontrollably, before getting all feely-touchy with wannabe celebrity Kibby Lau, 22, who has the nickname "Blueberry". Wouldn't it be great if she was called Blackberry?

"I was only there for a drink and didn't expect to be photographed," Lam explained the next day. "It was a mini celebration party" for his new album, LF, he added.

When one reporter asked the day after whether Lam would ask Blueberry out for another date, the actor responded: "That's crazy! I don't even know her!" according to Jayne Stars, an entertainment website.

Apparently, Blueberry was upset about being consigned to the dustbin of love and has been crying on her friends' shoulders.

Scandal forced the "Jade Beauty Singer" out of the public eye for years - but rumors are swirling that Yang Yuying is poised to make a comeback.

She was recently spotted at a music event, looking limber, fresh and young for her 40 years. Clearly she has been buffing up for her comeback.

Squeaky clean image sullied by passion after the wake

An affair with the currently incarcerated Lai Wengfeng - convicted for smuggling - forced her into the shadows when her career was peaking. The pair has a child and did plan to get married before the scandal erupted.

The magic of love has grabbed hold of 35-year-old magician Louis Liu, who is dating 20-year-old model Renee Lee.

Liu said he met his Hong Kong-based girlfriend about three months ago on a TV show.

While the relationship "still needs time", Liu admitted the pair was "interacting well" and the chemistry between the two was readily apparent the other day when Liu greeted Lee at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan province.

Later, Liu casually snapped photos of his new lover and even of the waiting journalists as the pair strolled, hand-in-hand, to dinner at Taipei 101, formerly the tallest building in the world.

Here's hoping the "budding relationship" has enough time to blossom and Lee doesn't do a disappearing act.

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