Updated: 2011-07-15 11:04

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Think Asia, Think Hong Kong,

London and Leeds

Brings together UK and Hong Kong business

communities to discuss developments and trends in the dynamic Asian markets, as well as to explore opportunities emerging from the strong economic growth in the Asian region, particularly China.

It comprises promotional events in London and Leeds.

Date: Sept 12-15


Institute of Directors-China Trade

Conference, Bristol

Expert speakers from UKTI, China-Britain Business Council, Institute of Exports, Bristol China Partnership, UWE and directors of Bristol and South West businesses all share their lessons on developing and growing business in China.

Date: September 29


The Federation of Chinese Professional Associations in Europe (FCPAE) Forum, Brussels

Delegates of all associations within the framework of FCPAE as well as officials, scholars, innovative scientists and entrepreneurs across China and the European Union (EU) are invited to discuss the future innovative cooperation between China and the EU in Brussels.

Date: October 12-14



Burning desire

Tradition overrides public safety as fireworks make an explosive comeback

Melody of life
Demystifying Tibet
Bubble worries

European Edition


My China story

Foreign readers are invited to share your China stories.

Setting the pace in Turkey

China is building a 158-km high-speed railway in Turkey.

Moving up the IMF ladder

Christine Lagarde has proposed the appointment of Zhu Min to the post of Deputy Managing Director.

Vice-President visits Italy
Sky is the limit
Quest for green growth