What's with these stars and their sexual confusions?

Updated: 2011-06-24 07:52

(China Daily)

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Karen Mok is in love and preparing to get married in October to what she called her "first love", a German known only as Johannes.

The 41-year-old announced the news after being crowned Best Mandarin Female Singer at the recent 22nd Golden Melody Awards ceremony, in Taipei. Mok said she met Johannes when she was sweet 17 and studying in Italy. She added they relit the flames of romance in 2009, when Mok was dumped by actor/director Stephen Fung, after being together for nine years.

What's with these stars and their sexual confusions?

So, a happy ending, the distant chiming of wedding bells in the future - but hold that thought! A number of follow-up reports claimed the German, divorced father of three is actually bisexual. Or even homosexual. Yes, it seems unlikely, but Mok was so incensed by the reports she told reporters: "This not only hurts him, but me too. I will definitely consider resorting to the law ... He has three kids. How can he be a homosexual?"

Well, here at Celebrity Sauce, we have to say, stranger things have happened. For instance, Super Voice Girls contestant Su Miaoling is receiving more column inches for her complicated love life than her clarion clear baritone. The national finalist was outed some time ago as a lesbian because of a series of revealing messages and photos on her micro blog.

The Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen University student hit the headlines again earlier this week when she split from her girlfriend. It was a messy breakup, which included a scene at Hunan TV studio building (where she was recording), when what looked like an "unknown man" dragged her out of the building and fought with Su in front of a large crowd. The "man" turned out to be Su's former lover. TV station employees pulled them apart.

Obviously, there's enough material for a huge book or even wiki about celebrity breakups - and they don't get much more sensational than the ongoing divorce of Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung.

We have previously written how Cheung reconciled with her ex, Edison Chen, causing the breakup. The latest news, adding to the revelation Cheung could be two months pregnant, is that her celebrity mother-in-law has turned against her. According to Chinese author Duguyi, Tse's mother Deborah Lee slapped Cheung hard on her face after hearing that she was "friends" with Chen again.

"If you want to continue messing around with that !$#!@ you might as well die," she reportedly told Cheung, the mother of her two grandkids. Oh, dear! It will be hard to pick up the pieces after that one.

Finally, Australian thespian Hugh Jackman spent a lot of time and effort learning Chinese, for Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. In the movie that also stars Li Bingbing and South Korean actress Jeon Ji-hyun, Jackman croons the classic Chinese love song Give Me a Kiss. It's a key part in the plot as it melts his screen lover Jeon and leads to their kissing scene.

Jackman added that he had a great time in China shooting the film and his fellow leading actors Jeon and Li had the potential to develop into Hollywood A-list celebrities.

China Daily

What's with these stars and their sexual confusions?



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